About Kissing Booth Cosmetics


I started Kissing Booth Cosmetics with a passion and a dream. While on maternity leave, I envisioned different ways I can provide for my daughter, who inspired me to want more out of life. Being a single mother and working long hours at a local hospital, I began to research what it would take to make this dream come true. From speaking with friends who had successful businesses to experimenting with different ingredients, Kissing Booth Cosmetics was born and in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.


I remember being hesitant about using vendors from overseas. Thinking to myself, “What is the purpose of wearing makeup if we are mandated to wear masks everywhere?” Nonetheless, I had faith in God that if this was a way for me to provide for my daughter, He would help me.


And He did just that. At Kissing Booth Cosmetics, we want you and your lips to fall in love. Our goal is to enhance your self-esteem and have you fall in love with every part of you. Our products are vegan and cruelty free to ensure that we are giving you the most pure and richest ingredients to aid in your self-love. Our long-lasting makeup, is only a fraction of the longevity and devotion we hope to build with you. Thank you for shopping and supporting us!